About Us

About Us

Our motto is:

Eating well means living well

and Cantina 26‘s raison d’être is just that: refined products, freshness and authenticity.

Chef Vito

meticulously prepares all his dishes from scratch, from meat to fish to strictly vegan dishes: there are no precooked dishes lurking under heat lamps, everything is selected and prepared fresh upon ordering. Our excellent dishes, which alternate between tradition and innovation, allow guests to savour delicately fresh tastes and rediscover the flavors of Italian cuisine.

All this in a sober and relaxing setting where you can disconnect from the hectic pace of everyday life and enjoy your meal with friends, work colleagues or family.

Cusine is an art that involves all the senses and Cantina 26 is a simple and cozy place, where this art is practiced every day: the result is the beauty of the work we do and the quality of the dishes that we propose, always and only with great love and professionalism.

Since its opening in November 2014, the Cantina 26restaurant has included a specific section dedicated to vegetarians and vegans in its à la carte menu. Chef Vito offers a range of exclusively vegan dishes, from appetizers to desserts, first and second courses, soups and side dishes. In recent times, when personal eating habits are always evolving and can differ greatly, Cantina 26 does not want to neglect the needs of any palate: it is of the utmost importance that anyone who enters our restaurant feels at home, able to eat according to personal tastes and habits.

It is of no surprise that Chef Vito considers cuisine to be an art belonging to all, created for all. In this sense Cantina 26 becomes the ideal setting in which each course, each work is seen as a masterpiece of flavor and wholesome goodness. Thus our diners become also spectators to delight and pamper in every possible way, starting with the authenticity and variety of our dishes.

Taste and believe!

In the Press

In the Press

24 July 2015

Il Tempo

.. In the shadow of the Colosseum, the OS Club put Vito De Astis under the spotlight, from who’s cooking stations have turned the sensations, colors, shapes and textures of the catwalk into food…

© Il Tempo - «Man in the kitchen» Passerella e piatti glamour
© Il Tempo – «Man in the kitchen» Passerella e piatti glamour